Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

Restorative, Recovery-focused Skills & Services for Adults
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Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services (ARMHS) provides recovery focused services for adults in their homes or in the community, to help achieve goals and live more independently.


  •  18 years or older
  •  Mental health disorder or traumatic brain injury
  •  Current Diagnostic Assessment
  •  Functional impairments resulting from a mental health disorder that could benefit from ARMHS
  •  Medical assistance eligibility

Skills and Support Offered:

  •  Access to community resources
  •  Improve communications
  •  Explore recreation & leisure time opportunities 
  •  Learn to budget & manage money
  •  Take care of your home
  •  Learn about medications & your health 
  •  Learn how to cook
  •  Discover housing resources
  •  Understand symptoms of mental illness
  •  Learn ways to manage & improve how you feel
  •  Learn how to get a job or go to school 


To make a referral or request ARMHS, contact:

Grand Rapids
(218) 999-9908

(218) 751-0282

Our mission is to provide a Community-Based Continuum of Quality Care to Children and Families.

Toll Free (888) 430-3055, Grand Rapids (218) 327-3000, Bemidji (218) 751-0282, Duluth (218) 733-3000, Grand Rapids Outpatient Building (218) 999-9908

Our offices are located in: Grand Rapids, Bemidji, Duluth and Deer River