Camp North Homes

Firepit at Camp North Homes.

Camp North Homes’ mission is to provide an outdoor setting for youth and families served by North Homes Inc. to have access to recreational, educational and team building opportunities. The camp is also available for use by our community, on an event basis. Please contact Lindsey Lee, Camp Director, for more information if interested in hosting your school, business or family event at Camp!

Here are just a few examples of the different activities available at Camp!

Adventure Activities & Outdoor Skills

  • Archery
  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Fishing

Creative and Science Based Lessons

  • Nature based art projects
  • Creative writing
  • Tree, plant and animal identification
  • Music, dance or skit creation

Team and Self-Confidence Building

  • Trust building challenges
  • Team building games
  • Service- learning projects

Through Camp North Homes experiences, youth and adults can have fun, create memories, step out of their comfort zones and gain confidence!

Warm Weather Programming

Canoe at Camp North Homes

Canoeing and Swimming

Camp North homes has 1,000 feet of lakeshore on the beautiful Hill Lake. Hill Lake is around 800 acres in size and offers a beautiful flatwater paddling experience for new canoers. With a fleet of canoes at camp, youth can launch right from the sand beach to learn or hone the paddling and communication skills needed to successfully maneuver a canoe.

Swimming is available when certified lifeguards are present. With a sandy point to swim on, youth are invited to enjoy the summer months safely!


According to the MN Department of Natural Resources, there are over a dozen types of fish available for anglers to catch. Hill Lake has been stocked for walleye on and off since the mid 1900’s. Fishing is available to youth and families in both winter and summer.


Whether it is a group challenge for all to work together to cross an imaginary “chocolate river,” engineer a small machine from simple items or get through a maze using only nonverbal communication- there are endless opportunities for teambuilding at camp. By facing these crafted challenges, youth can practice dealing with adversity in a safe setting. By processing what happened, what they learned and what skills could better serve them next time, they’ll be prepared for future challenges- whether they are at camp or in their everyday lives.


Archery targets.

Archery dog tags.

Camp North Homes features a full National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP®) approved archery range. Whether it is being used for a beginner’s archery course, weekly practice by local youth or a friendly competition, the archery range offers youth the opportunity to skill build in a fun, safe setting. With trained North Homes Inc. employees on hand, youth can enjoy the many benefits of archery that are accessible to students of a wide range of ages and abilities. Archery is often praised for its ability to help youth hone focus skills, build a connection to the natural world and develop an ethic that comes with being able to fire a bow.


Winter Programming

Winter sunset at Camp North Homes.

Camp is beautiful in the winter! From the base of the “North Homes Chalet,” seen below, people can enjoy a variety of winter activities. A normal week at camp will find youth setting out on snowshoes (many for the first time in their lives), doing a cross country trip around the lake perimeter or auguring a hole in the ice to catch a variety of fish. Walleye have been stocked over the years in Hill Lake and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continues to study the lake as it is considered a great example from the “northern forest and lakes” region.


Archery targets.

Archery dog tags.

Great for beginners and the experienced alike, Camp’s full selection of snowshoes are ready for the next adventure. A quickly growing yet age- old sport, it is a very novice friendly way to enjoy winter. One recent student event commented that “snowshoeing was the first time I’ve ever had fun in snow!”


Snow shoes and cross country skis.

Cross country and back country skis are available to tour the perimeter of the beautiful camp property, venture out on Hill Lake or travel a short distance to some of the many beautiful locally groomed trails. According to, the Grand Rapids area offers more than 212K of skiing on 19 groomed trails, just waiting for the next adventure.

Awards table at Camp North Homes.

Other winter time activities available include ice fishing, snow shelter building, campfire cooking and a winter Olympics weekend event! The possibilities are endless.

Contact Information

For more information about Camp North Homes and about the possibility of scheduling your next school, business or community event, please contact Camp Director Lindsey Lee at