School Wellness Policy

Wellness, Exercise and Recreation Plan subp 10

North Homes has developed a recreation plan that strives to develop high energy activities that teach our residents many important values as well as various different skills such as:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Team building
  • Cooperation
  • Respect
  • Self confidence
  • Nutrition Education

We teach our residents these important values through exercise and recreational events. We have at least two time periods totaling 2 hours a day set a side specifically for the resident to do some form of recreational activity. Watching TV or movies is not counted as recreational activity. We try to mix high energy work outs with team sports and also team building activities. All of the activities are planned and directly supervised and directed by qualified or trained staff. Through our recreation program we hope to teach residents various skills that will help them to find a healthy outlet. Residents will be instructed on the short and long term benefits of physical act.

Recreational equipment available in the gym and outside recreation area includes volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, tae boe, step routine, and circuit training. Other outdoor activities on our property include soccer, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, hiking, cross country skiing.

Exercise and Recreation schedules can be seen in the appendix.

The primary goal of nutrition education is to provide knowledge and teach skills to help children make food choices that maintain and promote health. All youth will participate in a monthly nutrition education group. Curriculum topics will vary based on youth individual need.

Residents will eat all meals in our cafeteria. It is considered to be a clean, adequate dining space. Residents will receive three meals and two snacks provided by our food service. Restriction of food or physical activity will never be used as a disciplinary measure. We will ensure that nutritious meals are served by consulting with a dietician as needed. We will follow all nutrition guidelines as prescribed by the National School Lunch Program Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Our residents do not have
access to vending machines or soft drinks.

Our wellness policy (nutrition, exercise and recreation plan) will be measured through feed back from parental and referral source surveys. We will also consult with a dietician as needed to identify areas of improvement. We will also gauge to overall health of our residents through physical/health screenings conducted by our nursing staff.

Our wellness policy will be communicated to parents at the time of admission. All staff will be trained on the policy as well. We will also inform others through our quarterly newsletter. Our policy will be reviewed by the NHI board or directors for approval. The facility director and kitchen supervisor will ensure the policy is implemented and reviewed for compliance.