Adoption Services

North Homes adoption services

North Homes Adoption serves children age 0-17 in addition to families from all over the state of Minnesota who wish to adopt a child through the Minnesota Waiting Program.  The majority of our adoptive placements are Minnesota Waiting Children who are under the guardianship of the state of Minnesota and in need of a permanent, loving home.

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MN Waiting Program

The Minnesota Waiting Children's Program matches children who are under state or tribal guardianship with safe, permanent, loving families. This adoption program is supported by funding from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Services are provided at no cost to families. Many Minnesota waiting children qualify for financial assistance after adoption finalization, which may include a monthly payment and Medical Assistance benefits. Families interested in pursuing adoption of a Minnesota waiting child need to complete the home study process, 20 hours of adoption training, and become licensed for foster care.

Child Specific Recruitment

North Homes Adoption assists county and tribal social services agencies in finding an adoptive home for a specific child. This service is at NO COST to county or tribal agencies and is funded by the Minnesota Department of Human Services. North Homes will work with county and tribal social service agencies to recruit adoptive families for children and sibling groups under state or tribal guardianship when routine efforts have not resulted in an adoptive family. North Homes' goal is to increase the number of adoptions to hard-to-place children, teens, and sibling groups.

Contact Information:

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  • (218) 327-3000
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  • (218) 751-0282
  • Duluth
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Our mission is to provide a Community-Based Continuum of Quality Care to Children and Families.

Toll Free (888) 430-3055, Grand Rapids (218) 327-3000, Bemidji (218) 751-0282, Duluth (218) 733-3000, Grand Rapids Outpatient Building (218) 999-9908

Our offices are located in: Grand Rapids, Bemidji, Duluth and Deer River