Chemical Health Outpatient Program

North Homes provides a number of chemical health services throughout our continuum of care that are focused on building healthy emotional management, communication, conflict resolution, and problem-solving skills.

Outpatient Program in Grand Rapids:

North Homes provides chemical health services for youth ages 10-18 years old who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder.  Programming is 12-16 weeks, and individuals must complete either a Rule 25 and/or have private insurance funding.  Components include individualized treatment plans, integrated mental health services, family groups, and more.  Services take place at our Community Mental Health Center.

Rule 25 Assessments

North Homes completes Rule 25 assessments for youth and adults

Family Sessions:

Family sessions utilize a group therapy approach to treatment, and include a strong education component regarding the effects of chemical use on families, schooling, employment, and relationships.  This includes education regarding relapse and relapse prevention, develop and practice communication skills, establish relationship management skills, and more. 

Youth Chemical Health Education Program:

This program is designed for youth who do not currently have, but who may be at risk of, a substance use disorder diagnosis.  Programming provides education regarding chemical health issues, and is a 3-hour session provided bi-monthly on Thursdays.  Youth are accepted through probation programs, community agency referrals, or self-referrals.  Families can also be included.  This program is not Rule 25 funded.

Chemical Health Program at the Northwest MN Juvenile Center, Bemidji

North Homes offers an outpatient Chemical Dependency program for youth at the Northwest MN Juvenile Center.  This program is designed to support co-occurring mental illness and chemical dependency (MICD).  Both an LADC and Mental Health Professional work together weekly to support youth in creating an individualized treatment plan that reflects their needs and goals.  Each youth is expected to work through the first five steps of recovery, along with additional assignments.

Community CD Out-patient programs for Youth and Adults  

Out-patient services available for youth and adults in the Bemidji area at our Community Mental Health Center in Bemidji.

Chemical Health Assessments

North Homes completes chemical health assessments at our Community Mental Center in Bemidji


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