Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

North Homes Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports

CTSS strengthens families to reduce out-of-home placements. Children under the age of 18 complete a diagnostic assessment with a mental health professional to formulate goals and objectives identified by the child and their family. Treatment goals and interventions that focus on the child's mental health needs are developed with a mental health practitioner in the family's home to:

  • Treat symptoms causing issues in the family environment
  • Enhance daily living skills
  • Improve relationships

Payment Options:

  • Medical Assistance
  • County Pay

Contact Information:

To make a referral or for more information, call:

  • Grand Rapids
  • (218) 327-3000
  • Deer River
  • (844) 466-3720 (Toll Free)

Our mission is to provide a Community-Based Continuum of Quality Care to Children and Families.

Toll Free (888) 430-3055, Grand Rapids (218) 327-3000, Bemidji (218) 751-0282, Duluth (218) 733-3000, Grand Rapids Outpatient Building (218) 999-9908

Our offices are located in: Grand Rapids, Bemidji, Duluth and Deer River